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Clutch Adjustment

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Does anybody know if there are any other clutch adjustments besides the sticking your foot under the pedal thing?

My clutch pedal is lik an inch above the brake pedal and 2 inches above the dead pedal with my foot off it. this sucks for driving in trafic for obvious reasons. i'm considering the Steeda adjuster, quadrant and cable to remedy this buy want to find out if there is any factory adjustment (besides the afore mentioned) before I drop the cash.
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That sucks, they care so much at the dealerships. Looks like $125 for the parts to be able to adjust it properly.
Chrck out under Mustang/Drivetrain, about half way down the page. We're going to need the alumninium quadrant, cable and the adjuster. I think I'm going to go for it, but it won't be for a while yet. Let me knoe how it goes if you goes whichever rout you take :cool:
I'm not exactly what you mean, I don't have a constant rattle. I want to adjust the pedal hight and engadgement. The factory setup has a machanism to adjust for wear and to use it, you stick your foot under the pedal and lift up. This *supposedly* does something. I haven't detected that it does anything, but I haven't looked at the mechanism and probably don't have any appreciable clutch wear at this point (a little over 8k mi).

If you have a constant rattle, you might try the foot thing, if that doesn't work, I would get it to the dealer ASAP. Clutch disks aren't covered by the warranty as they are a wear item.
That's my understanding, with Steeda's quadrant and firewall adjuster. However, they tell me that with those parts in combination with their cable (which has an adjustable end) you can adjust the pedal height. I hope so anyway. That little lack of attention to detail by Furd is my biggest complaint with my Bullitt. I did notice too that Steeda is now offering a quadrant with a more severe angle on the bell crank that shortens the pedal travel. Of course it comes with a trade off, that being higher reauired pedal pressure.

I think I remember that day in 1997 or was it 1987? wasn't it Black Monday :smile:

Chris Pedersen

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