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Clutch Adjustment

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Does anybody know if there are any other clutch adjustments besides the sticking your foot under the pedal thing?

My clutch pedal is lik an inch above the brake pedal and 2 inches above the dead pedal with my foot off it. this sucks for driving in trafic for obvious reasons. i'm considering the Steeda adjuster, quadrant and cable to remedy this buy want to find out if there is any factory adjustment (besides the afore mentioned) before I drop the cash.
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On 2002-02-28 18:06, chevy piercing bullitt #4120 wrote:
Just got my bullitt back from a local SVT dealer today and when I asked the question you posted Igot the foot under the pedal thing.Besides that Igot the first ding in the car while it was there.

Find yourself a ding specialist. They can remove most dings without using paint. Perhaps ask your dealer for a referral.
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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