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Sorry, I don't have time to search and run through the threads right now due to being busy at work. However, my clutch went out last night in the bullitt with about 89,000 miles on it.

I have a mech. friend of mine who owes me a good chunk of change and just need to get the car moving again asap. Knowing that we have a 6 bolt 11" flywheel and clutch, is the OEM 11" cobra clutch the same as the bullitt? This friend has one laying around for me to have put in the car today if it will work. I'm waiting on him to get back with me on part numbers and finding out for sure what will work, but figured I run it by you guys as well from my end.

Planning to sell the car in the next month or two so I am not looking for anything special. Just a proper fix that makes it a suitable car to sell and for someone else to drive for as long as they'd like with only normal wear and maint. for them.

Thanks in advance,
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