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"Cobra'd" out bullitt for sale

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#4630 is for sale on craigslist in tampa. not sure why someone would want to transform it into a cobra, but then again it doesn't look to bad. I think he is a member on here under chucksbullitt:b01:
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Looks nice, other than the Cobra emblems and such all over it. I'm actually thinking about getting the same rear bumper in the near future (with the "Cobra" shaved of course).
I don't mind the bumper swap, but why change the emblems and highlight COBRA in stainless when that's not what you have?

I can understand (and the subtlety is cool) of putting the snakes on the fenders if you dropped in a Terminator motor, but not the Extreme Makeover edition.
I wouldnt buy this car. If it is really putting down 482hp at the wheels and dosent have a bulit bottum in. This car is not far from blowing the engine. I didnt see anywhere in the wright up about forged interals.
this car is on ebay too, I say just buy a cobra!
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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