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On 2001-07-28 12:59, Bullitt#0685 wrote:
My thanks to Mid Life for posting the the helpful info on the computer fix. The dealership had no idea what i was talking about until i showed them Mid Life's post.
They then typed in the bulletin number and DL the necessary info and hooked my car up. I feel no major difference in the performance but for some reason the car seems a little louder. But best of all no annoying engine noise. My incident was a perfect example of the beauty of these forums. I was able to walk into the dealership armed with the necessary info to battle my apathetic dealer. His first response was there are no new fixes for the Bullitt, so asked to use his computer and 3 hours later the fix was finished. SWEET
Thanks again for sharing your info #388 and to the rest of you also. I'm getting quite an education
Aaron #0685 DHG
Must be nice.........My car is at dealer right now for round 2 of the reflash....
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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