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Complementary Sync 3 Navigation Update

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I just downloaded a Complementary navigation update for my 19 bullitt, from here
It seems they have finally come out with a map update for sync 3 navigation units.
I checked my VIN and ESN, and it said it was complementary.
I also checked my brother in law's 18 explorer and it had one too, but our 17 expedition didn't have one.
I'm going to install it tonight. I'm pretty sure I have a sync update as well, so I'm going to install it too.
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How did this Navigation update go? I read somewhere that you must do the Sync update first then you can do the Navigation update. I have had no luck getting our 19 Bullitt to update Sync via a USB drive. I have read all directions given at the site. I have the USB stick formatted correctly. I have input my VIN number and downloaded the update files and have them all on the USB drive as per their instructions. I go out and plug the drive in to a USB port (I have tried the center console by the shifter one, and the one in the console box). The Sync system flashes a message that it sees the USB stick, but that is it... it never starts to install anything. I read that sometimes you have to wait 8 minutes for it to see the files.... I waited 10 minutes over 3 different attempts, and it just never starts the install. Any suggestions??? This is not rocket science, why does these Sync systems just seems so buggy when it comes to being upgraded? I have seen this in every Sync version in multiple Fords since 2010!!!!
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Ain't technology wonderful, and such a load of **** at the same time.
Those types of endeavours never work for me I always seem to have some unique configuration that isnt compatible
Happy days, join the club
I couldn’t get my Bullitt to even look for any ota sync update. And my Navigation version was 2 behind. So I updated both via usb download. Relatively painless process but time consuming and a lot of idling time.

But, now that everything is updated sync does check for ota updates.
Forget this update IMHO. Did it on my 19 Raptor (late build with 17 maps and not much gives you 2018 maps. Plug your phone in and use Google, Waze, or droid.

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