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Complementary Sync 3 Navigation Update

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I just downloaded a Complementary navigation update for my 19 bullitt, from here
It seems they have finally come out with a map update for sync 3 navigation units.
I checked my VIN and ESN, and it said it was complementary.
I also checked my brother in law's 18 explorer and it had one too, but our 17 expedition didn't have one.
I'm going to install it tonight. I'm pretty sure I have a sync update as well, so I'm going to install it too.
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I couldn’t get my Bullitt to even look for any ota sync update. And my Navigation version was 2 behind. So I updated both via usb download. Relatively painless process but time consuming and a lot of idling time.

But, now that everything is updated sync does check for ota updates.
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