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It's behind the passenger side kick plate, if you open the glovebox, and look down and to the right you can see the top of the compuyer box. The glovebox can be opened farther by depressing both hinges "gently" inward allowing the door to drop open.
The kick plate should come off with a couple of screws and snap in/offs. The computer/battery needs to be disconnected when you install a chip. The drag is taking the factory "tape" off of the accessable port where the new chip goes "piggyback". The most common problem people have with the chip is not cleaning the copper pins off before plugging in the new chip. Just like any circuit card it has a protective finish "electrical varnish" which needs to come off in order to make good electrical contact with the chips pins. This can be easily removed by using a wooden cuticle remover or wooden stick and some isopropyl alcohol. take your time and the results will be satisfying. "Let alone have to do the removal twice! Good Luck. :smile:
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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