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Correct part number for the Bullitt shifter knob

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After my second go-round with the service department, I have been left less than fulfilled. I brought #2535 to them with only 2 problems to fix. The bezel around my center A/C vents was loose in the upper right corner and my over-torqued shift knob. The parts were ordered a week or so ago and I got the notice to bring my car in for service when convenient. So I drop it off this morning with the usual promise of a call when the car is ready for pickup. Around 4:15 I decided to call and check on the status. Guess what. My car is "finished" and ready for pick up. I was told only the dash bezel was fixed because of a mix-up with parts and a regular mustang shifter knob had been received. I had expected this, even though I made it a point to tell the girl doing the ordering to make sure it was a bullitt part getting ordered. So I had prepared and wasn't too let down. Then I gave my key to the valet kid to get my car. I get in and give the center bezel a little tap and it is exactly as I had left it 8 hours earlier. I go back to the service department and let this be known and of course the girl is surprised. She runs back to the shop to get the guy that did the work on my car. He comes out, gets in and starts feeling the bezel around my gauge cluster. Then it was pretty obvious what had happened, another mysterious mix-up with parts department. The greasy prints around my gauge cluster should have tipped me off, but I guess I had a little too much faith in the abilities of those assigned to take care of peoples cars.

And the great part is I received a call today from Ford about a survey that I filled out for my first visit for my 1500 mile checkup with the service department. I went over all the problems I had discovered on the car and discussed the less that fantastic service I had received to date. Well, I guess I need to give them a call back tomorrow and update the status of my love for those guys.

The excuse for the shifter mix up was that Ford listed the Bullitt shifter part number under some strange name or something. There wasn't really an excuse supplied for the dash piece. Anyway the correct part number for the Bullitt Shifter knob is 1R3Z-7213-AB. I read on another post someone listed the part number as XR3Z-7213-DA, this is actually the 35th Anniversary shift knob.Sorry you guys had to wade through so much gripe to get to the subject of my post.

I guess in another week or so I will have another round.

John G.
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I thought the 34th anniversary knob wazs the same as the Bullitts?

Sorry for your luck at the service dept. This is something that happens at ALL dealers. The best thing to do is to tell the service writer in detail what is wrong and set up an appointment so you cna physically watch them. No matter how much direction they get they will still **** it up.
John G.,

Does this sound familiar?

What dealer did you take it to? My shifter knob was finally replaced by Cavalier yesterday. They also replaced the headlights and cracked the cover on my license plate holder in the process. Another trip to the dealer today to get reimbursed for it.
Mr. T made a post a while back that stated the shifter knob itself was the same as the 35th cars but the finish was different for the Bullitt cars. I have not looked at at 35th car so I can't comment on what the difference in the finish is.
I just checked my copy of the service work. The shifter knob part number is 1R3Z*7213*AB.

My bad experience came from Beach Ford on the corner of Lynnhaven and Va Beach Blvd. I have had one visit to their body shop with satisfying results. I've had my passengers headlight replaced , trunk gasket replaced and some body panels realigned. Now my other headlight is getting the spotted fever. I let them know yesterday and that was supposed to be ordered as well as the correct parts for my interior. I guess I will see in a few days.

I also have the chips under both sides of my hood scoop, but I am leary about getting my hood repainted. I guess I'm afraid it will be worse in quality than it is now.

John G.

You know I would like to see your or Jimmy Ray's cars. I have yet to see a DHG Bullitt in the flesh.

John G.
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I saw another DHG sitting outside the body shop at Cavalier yesterday when I picked up 2404. Both bumpers, the C-pillar covers, door handles, and the exterior piece that runs below the doors were missing. Needless to say, it got me a little anxious when I saw it. Don't know who it belongs to.

I live in the Kempsville area and work in the Greenbrier area. I'm always around and in between. Just wish the state boys would quit hanging around the median turnaround on I-64 between Indian River and Greenbrier. It cramps my style!
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