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Cost of computor chips?

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What are the chips that are out there an what are they costing?Are they worth it?
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If you are planning on doing mods get the chip last so they can burn it for your modifications. A chip should be your last mod. IF you are planning on getting gears and an off road pipe it will save you money on a speed compensator and on MIL's. If you can afford it I would plan on doing your gears and Off road pipe and chip in one deal.

Everone raves about JMS.. but not sure if they have the computer code down for the Bullitt Yet. They can give you 4 different settings on one chip.

A chip will give the optimum fuel and ignition advance curves for best performance on the street and strip,much more than the factory can do. Also part throttle response is improved,even when the Bullitt is stock. Look at it this way,Back in 1968-69,a popular trick was to take the car to a good shop for a dyno tune. This included parts and time for rejetting the carb,reworking the distributor,and plugs and better wires. The cost for this then was about $100 bucks,and gave a good 25-50 HP increase,based on the engine type and state of factory tune. So now 33 yrs. later it will cost you about $280-$365 bucks,not too bad! However those big gains,as seen then,are hard to come by,as todays engines are more efficient. But I think it is worth it,regardless of mods.Hey it is the only way to tune it!
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I concur it is worth it... but you want to do it last so all of your mods are tuned to work together... then you will see some increase and get your money forth. A chip with no mods is a waste of money in my opinion. Becouse you will do more mods in the future.. and why not do the chip last to have them all work together more efficent and effectivly......

I think from the factory the Bullitt is tuned good as it is.. maybe even to lean with all the spark knock complaints.....I bet you will not see much of a differnece on a stock bullitt with a chip (5 HP)... dyno and prove me wrong I would love to see it....



Well, im wanting to keep the car bone stock.Maybe a k/n filter.Im going to keep the car in the garage. But when i do drive it i wanted a little more.Just seeing what the chips were doing for performance for the buck.
Well,I will find out this week,as I am headed for the dyno!! Will test without the chip first,then see what it does. I don't plan on a gear change,and other than the Densecharger CAI,this will be it. Once you start chasing that ET dog,you end up with empty pockets.......been there! For the quick ETs,I have my 351W 85 LX. Just looking for a little sharper response from it,and the chip seems to do it.
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