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Cost to Rebuild a Bullitt Replica

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Got a '68 fastback a few months ago from Copart. There's more to this project that I expected. My original budget was $10k to $15k, and before I even got it I was thinking I was going to be low on my estimate. I'm quickly realizing that I could spend around $20 on paint and body work alone. Any idea on what my budget should be?

It's a GT390, automatic (yes, yes, I know but I want this to be a fun cruiser and not a 'go through 4 gears in traffic' car) engine runs ok, transmission is ok, body has clean lines but some bumps and bruises. I've already replaced the front and rear suspension along with all the front bushings and control arms. Floor panels and gas tank are new but it doesn't have a/c or power steering both of which I would like.

I know it's tough to get specifics numbers off of what little I've mentioned, but any help (or good garages in Texas to take it too) would be very appreciated.
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i have been a body man/ painter for over 30 years. i have restored or helped restore, more accurately restified well over 50 cars. mostly older mopars.
in my opinion. if you can't do 95% of the work yourself and are on a budget. buy a done car and finance it if you have to.
if you have to PAY someone else to do the body work and interior $75K isn't that that bad of a price.
even if you can do 80% of the work $30-$40K is actually a reasonable price. as you have found out a quality paint job with a little bodywork can easily exceed $20K, and that's not a top of the line work. hell quality paint and materials just for the paint can easily exceed $5K.
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I agree with Roy. Unless you have the time and money to do it yourself, you are better off to buy a finished car. Also you are looking at usually a minimum of two years to complete a project.
When we built our first Trans Am cars, we thought we'd finish it for that year's racing. We barely made the next year's season, and from then on we bought rolling chassis cars and finished them. And, that was with two motivated ASE master technicians, a body man, and two volunteer helpers.
As far as final cost of these deals, I say double your estimate and add 20% for contingent issues. Good luck
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