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Cruise Control gone funky after gear install!

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After having gears, speedcal and alum. driveshaft installed, I noticed when I activate the cruise it is kinda of herky jerky like it is cutting in and out. It will maintain speed but you can feel it cutting in and out. Anyone elese experiencing this with or with out speedcal installed? Could it be realated to the speedcal installation? If anyone can help it would be much apprecaited. I just don't know weather or not to take it to the dealership or the shop that installed the speedcal.
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Speedcal turned out to be the problem. The shop I had install it said they see this a lot and try to encourage people to go with a custom chip. He talked me into it, so I am going with a Diablo chip. Nice thing about it is that I plan on more mods such as an SC so the chip will come in handy.

Thanks for the reassurance on the Diablo chip. I am looking forward to driving and seeing how she runs. The speed shop doing the burn said the two Bullitts he has installed them on responded real well to the custom burn. He said that the Ford tune is way to conservative and does not take full advantage of the new intake and better flowing exhaust.
Oh, one other thing about the Dallas Mustang Speedcal. It does not install the same way it does on a 2000 GT. The shop that did the install had to call Dallas Mustang and find out how to properly install it. The directions with the speedcal does not have instructions for 2001 stangs. Apparently the harness off of the trans is different.
1 - 4 of 11 Posts
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