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Cruise Control gone funky after gear install!

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After having gears, speedcal and alum. driveshaft installed, I noticed when I activate the cruise it is kinda of herky jerky like it is cutting in and out. It will maintain speed but you can feel it cutting in and out. Anyone elese experiencing this with or with out speedcal installed? Could it be realated to the speedcal installation? If anyone can help it would be much apprecaited. I just don't know weather or not to take it to the dealership or the shop that installed the speedcal.
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I have used my cruise twice and my rear window defroster once.. Forget to take note if the defroster worked :-B When I move back to The Netherlands that may become a little more important.. the defroster.. not the cruise. :-B
1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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