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Custom Bullitt LED Puddle Lights

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Has anyone seen these before or even installed them?

I saw these on Ebay and picked up a pair for $12.58 for the set. It included 2 projection lamps and even a hole saw. These mount in the bottom of your doors and connect to the interior lights. When you open your door they project the Bullitt logo on the ground.

I have temporarily tried them out and they seem to work fine. I am going to hook them up to burn steadily for a few hours to see if they are reliable before I drill the bottom of my doors to install them.

Will let everyone know if I do install them.

Did check and they are not listed now on Ebay. :frown2:


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Yeah, some folks here bought and installed them. They usually fail and the lense that makes the puddle of light on the ground distorts after a while so it's an ugly whatever on the ground.

Check out threads that Jimbo020 has posted. See if his are the same as what you are discussing. I believe his failed a couple of times and has since stopped fooling with them.
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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