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I raced a Z3 last night. The driver tried to jump me at a light and I dug the wheels in and flew by. I could tell on that first go, the driver underestimated 435. At the next light, we gunned neck and neck and I pulled away, but I was sure she hesitated.

Well, at the third light, I started to race her and then backed off, because she crossed the line into dangerous driving by literally hitting it into at least 50 or 60 while swerving through lanes, dodging cars. I wanted no part of that and let the Z3 go, then took my time getting home.

I'd never encountered such a reckless Z3 driver before. It was strange.


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I have a similar story, but I was thinking of calling it "eaten for lunch".

Beautiful Saturday afternoon. Taking my 10 year old daughter to her best friends house.
Getting on the freeway, it's an on-ramp I don't use much.
I notice there is a left hand lane, and the 2 cars in front of me are going too slow for my taste.
Pull into left lane, and pass them both.
Lane is just about to end, I look in my rear view mirror, and OUT OF NOWHERE there is a vette right on my a$$.
Instinct #1.....tells me to MOVE it QUICK.
Instinct #2.....HEY, he can't do that to me!
It's the kind of on-ramp that has you merging with the other on-ramp, then dumps you onto the freeway.
Next thing I know, I'm on the freeway and I think my lane is running out with a car next to me. I slow to let the car pass, and realize in the same instant that the lane doesn't end, so I stay in it.
By the time I got on the freeway, I was doing 95, and this guy is still right on my tail.
No traffic, I merge lane by lane til I'm in the left lane, and he stays in the right.
Now I'm mad cuz he got me GOING, and he's just flying by in the right lane.
My daughter HAD NO IDEA of what just happened, she's just sitting there, reading a book!
I can laugh about it now, but I just know somewhere, he's out there telling everybody he smoked me.
It all happened so fast, I never even got a look at the driver.
So, woe is me, I've been eaten for lunch.
Of course, I would NEVER mess with a vette, but he started it!
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