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Dark Highland Green, NOT original shade of '68??

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I got this e-mail from somebody a couple days ago. I think he pulled me off of the detailers' forum (pretty cool forum, by the way) see

Anyway, this guy writes me and says that Dark Highland Green is not the original color of our '68 progenitor!? He says he's got a '68 and it's just plain Highland Green, and it's a lighter shade than our Dark Highland. Could he be right?

Can anyone chime in here and lend some truth to the issue? Thanks!
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I believe I had heard that before, that in 68 they just called Highland Green. Not sure if the actual color is different. May need some body shop people to look up the paint mix to see if it is different.
What's this that Mustang Monthly said "Ford used an existing truck color to save time and expense"?????
I read somewhere that it is an Expedition color?
Rather disappointing!
I thought DHG was supposed to be unique to Bullitts?


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I heard the same thing about DHG close but not the same as the original '68. I also heard the rumor about using an existing truck colour but I haven't seen a truck even close to DHG.
I looked in my "Ultimate Mustang" book and in 68 the color was Highland Green.

Art Hyde promised that there would be no more Mustangs produced with the DHG color. The F series truck also had the choice of DHG for color.
Ford only used DHG on the Bullitt, no other MUSTANG. Now for trucks, well.... I know it's on the F series trucks as well as the Escapes. I believe the original color isn't quite as dark as ours are. Art was right Vickie, Bullitt is the only Mustang with that color, at least from the factory.
Last Friday I pulled into a c-store to get some water and a guy in a new DHG Ford 4x4 F150 was parked right next to me. He started asking me car questions but we did have the exact same color on our vehicles.
While waiting for 2075 to be serviced at my local ford dealer I noticed that Explorers, Escapes and Pick-ups have the same exact color as our Bullitts. I verified this by going to the parts counter and asking the the manager to do me a favor and lookup the touch-up paint for escapes, explorers, F-150's and the bullitt. All the paint codes are the same they just have a different name. All of the trucks have Dark Highland Green Metallic Clearcoat as opposed to just DHG.


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The Color is supposed to be unique to the Mustang and all ford cars. By using an existing color from the truck side that is aclose match, Ford is able to save money. That's fine with me, as long as Ford doesn't start offering DHG with all the other cars, especially in the Mustang.
I'm happy with DHG, and it doesn't bother me at all that I could get an F-150 in the same shade. Hmmm.....

In any case, who can tell what shade Steve's car was anyway, as filthy as it was?

The paint code on the Bullitt is PY, same as DHG on the F-250's. For the F-150, DHG is listed as PX. If anyone cares, Highland Green in 1968 was paint code R.

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we shot two panels in our body with the ''r'' code from 68, the other with the py code from 2001......they do not match up.
I don't think the Highland Green had any metal flake in it in '68. It was just standard automotive paint.
Had a 70 notch back 351c that was a dark green that I think was the same as on the 68. It was lighter than DHG.
DHG is only unique on the Mustangs. The Bullitt is the only MUSTANG that comes in that color. You can get trucks, Explorers, etc in that color.
DHG is only unique on the Mustangs. The Bullitt is the only MUSTANG that comes in that color. You can get trucks, Explorers, etc in that color.
My search indicates that '68 was the last year for Highland Green on Mustangs. The Dark Ivy Green Metallic on later cars was a a different color with a different code.
Just to confirm ,my 68 GT500 is Highland Green. It is lighter and of course not a clearcoat.
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