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Do you use the day / night lever on your mirror? I was checking mine out and noticed it wasn't marked like some other mirrors. Just for fun I looked in the owners manual to see if it said which position was day and which was night. Didn't see anything about it. The mirror can be set in two different positions so I tried them both and went with the lever pushed forward toward the windshield for night. Which way do you have yours set up?
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Mine is down, I believe that is the day position. JohnHenry are you a steel drivin' man? - I couldn't resist
I can't say I have ever even touched it?
I believe that it works either way at night. If it's adjusted down to view directly back, up will dim the lights behind you. Also, if it's up, flipping the lever down works to dim. I'll have to check again tomorrow night.

It works either way. I prefer down for day, up for night but it doesn't really matter.
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On 2001-11-16 23:38, Chalmers2212 wrote:
Mine is down, I believe that is the day position. JohnHenry are you a steel drivin' man? - I couldn't resist

Why yes, I am a steel drivin' man. There's good ol' American steel in all my cars! :smile:

I tried both mirror positions again last night. Both work fine. There is one minor disadvantage to the lever down position for night - mirror adjusts up - It directly reflects the dome light. You get a real eyefull if you turn it on. It may depend on the height of the driver though.
I really like the night setting in most other cars, but for some reason I don't like this one. I feel like I don't get a good view of what's behind me. I've tried it a couple of times, but don't plan to use anymore.
Maybe it's cuz I'm short, and I already feel like it's a disadvantage seeing out!
Not like the Mach though.....I can barely see over the hood scoop...and with the high back seats, it looks like there's nobody driving!!! But it's day/night switch works good for me...????

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I have only 4 complaints with the Bullitt. 1st, $26K and no auto dimming rear view, the lever mirrors always require adjustment when you "shift" them. 2nd, the window, doorlock, and cruise control controls are unlit and require you know the layout at night. 3rd, no steering wheel mounted stereo controls. I have the Mach 460 and have to lean fwd and right to do anything with them. And last, no compass/thermometer.

I know these are all wussy creature comfort things (and 1 and 4 can be fixed for like $150 from the Ford accessory catalog) but, my '00 Dakota pickup truck had them, my brother's '98 Cavalier has them, my girlfriend's '00 WS-6 has them. Why are they not standard with the premium package?

If those minor things are all I have to complain about with my Bullitt, I guess I don't really have anything to complain about. I would, however, lay money that the next Mustang body has all of those features :cool:

Chris Pedersen

Stock... for now :wink:

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