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Dayton, Ohio Bullitt

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Are there any Bullitt owners from Dayton, Ohio? I want to know what dealership to take your Bullitt to for service?
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I live just south of Dayton, and there are two Bullitheads from Cincy I know of (PY and Lou6969), and a guy or two in Columbus. Also, one of the Moderators is in Chillicothe (ChilliBullitt).

We should get together when spring hits, take pics and such. I have also seen a DHG Bullitt parked at the Lowes by the Dayton mall, like its an employee's ride.

I bought mine at Eastgate (I was the only Bullitt from there), and the sales guy I had is now the Service Manager last I heard. His name is Marcus Devoe. I can't speak to the mechanics there, but Marcus is a good guy. Tell him "Mike with the Bullitt" sent ya. :smile:


4148, are you still going to sell her?

DHG 1161

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