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I have already posted the Bow Tie and Firebird version on LS1 and have had a huge request for them.

I will be making 2 sizes on white vinyl..
3 inch - $3.00
5 inch - $5.00

Please E-MAIL ME at [email protected] it is really hard to sort out from the posts. Please include your address and in about two days I will have them and start sending them out. I will enclose my home address with the amount. Also once I have made back the money it costs to have the sign shop make them I will give the rest of the money to charity.
Gregg Van Houten

1998 Formula Blue/Green
Pontiac Ram Air hood w/lower box
Kenny Brown Sub Frame Connectors
MTI Clear air lid w/K&N
Magna Flow Muffler

2001 Mustang GT Bullitt
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