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Where can I (if I can) get a copy of that CD??
"Music of the War Movies" compilation CD.

I'm only 31, but The Great Escape is my FAVORITE movie...followed by The Green Berets in second.

:smile: "Bubbles"

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you remember the opening scene in gone in 60 seconds yeah thats always loaded in my CD player

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Good morning Bubbles :smile: ,
I picked up this CD at a typical record store under the soundtracks section, there was a subsection devoted to these compilation tapes (TV shows of the 80's, war movies, romance movies...) The easiest thing to do may be a search in the internet as already suggested.
This one, specifically, is called "War is Hell" in the "Magic of the Movies" series by the Bill Broughton, "Orchestra of the Americas".
Music from:
Apocalypse Now (Ride of the Valkyries)
Platoon (Adagio for Strings)
A Few Good Men
The Bridge on the River Kwai (you know, the whistle song)
The Hunt for Red October
Good Morning, Vietnam
Victory at Sea
The Great Escape
Hope this helps! :grin:

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