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Bill, sorry to take so long to reply to your questions.
Test the pipe fit before installation. If you install the set screws and then try to separate the pipes you won't be able to. Each set of pipes is matched for fit prior to shipment. I try to leave the fit on the tight side.
With the tunability aspect of the system you want to be able to switch the filter position without dissasembling the whole system.
The cover plate allows for some mounting flexability to allow for using different aftermarket meters without having to have a different cover plate for each meter. ie..the Pro-M 87 is about an inch longer than stock and I have many customers using the 100mm system with this meter. When the new TB pipes are ready I also wanted my customers to be able to simply bolt in the TB pipe which will also require some system flexability. When you move the filter to the "up" position and add an aftermarket meter this will also slightly change the cover plate position.
Let me know if everything is working properly. The set screws won't allow anything to separate.
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