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Detailing the knob.

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Robbed this pic off an eBay auction for a detailed shift knob; they painted the indentations black, except for the R which is obviously red. Kind of a neat detail.

I've done this on numerous bike parts. You simply fill the indentation with paint and once it's dry you wipe over the part with a little paint thinner to remove any excess you may have gotten outside the grooves.
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MidLife Larry, your ball looks gold! :smile:
<TABLE BORDER=0 ALIGN=CENTER WIDTH=85%><TR><TD><font size=-1>Quote:</font><HR></TD></TR><TR><TD><FONT SIZE=-1><BLOCKQUOTE>
On 2004-01-16 23:58, Hook 'Em wrote:
How tall is Wee??
</BLOCKQUOTE></FONT></TD></TR><TR><TD><HR></TD></TR></TABLE>Ya Hook 'Em, how tall are you? :lol: :lol:
I have a knob but I'm not showing. :grin:
Nice lookin knob there black.. :grin:
00lightning said:
Is the knob coated in clear from the factory? Somehow I managed to put a small scratch on it and wanted to rub it out.
OUCH!! :lol:
LOL Kurt.... Maybe I could put a spit shine on it as well? :tongue:
Let's see.... I could put a spit shin on it. :wink:
1 - 10 of 234 Posts
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