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Detailing the knob.

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Robbed this pic off an eBay auction for a detailed shift knob; they painted the indentations black, except for the R which is obviously red. Kind of a neat detail.

I've done this on numerous bike parts. You simply fill the indentation with paint and once it's dry you wipe over the part with a little paint thinner to remove any excess you may have gotten outside the grooves.
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My knob is dull. I don't think it can be polished. I think my knob is shot. I think I need a new knob.
My knob is in a ziplock baggie. :rotfl::rotfl::rotfl:
Put it on ice and rush over here to the Cleveland Clinic! I think it can be re-attached! :lol:
Vicki, can you fix my knob? :wink:
TwoStangWmn said:
Let's see.... I could put a spit shin on it. :wink:
That would make it better, but would it fix it? Hmmmmm.... :lol:
BULLITT3230 said:
you admitting that yours is broke there JimBo????
Oh, it's a good knob. It just slips out of my hand now and then. Maybe Vicki has a firmer grip. I dunno... :lol:
Actually, when I saw this rather dated thread and its title, I was expecting something much different about detailing knobs. Hmmm...

That said, the above "game" can be played in a variety of ways. I always opted for the astronaut version, substituting "Come in outer space! Come in outer space!" Either way you slice it, it was a fun game. :lol:

<a href="[email protected]/14622273157" title="AstronautBob by jimbob230, on Flickr"><img src="" width="640" height="800" alt="AstronautBob"></a>
1 - 6 of 234 Posts
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