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DHG Bullitt Spotted near Dry Ridge, KY

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I was driving (today, saturday around mid afternoon) north on I 75 today between Williamstown and Dry Ridge exits (down around mile marker 153 or so). When I look in my rear view mirror and I spot a mustang sitting low with no fog lights, I look again, it doesn't have chrome around the pony corral, then it gets close enough and it's DHG!! I speed up and try to wave at the driver, run with them, pass them, follow them, they NEVER even wave back and speed off!! It was a brunette women driving. Just trying to see if that person was a member here. I'd like to think any true bullitt lover would not shun another bullitthead on the street like that, but maybe they were zoned out...

For what it's worth the car looked well kept... I thought maybe I'd be getting COCHESE or somebody from here passing me, but no luck.

JUST FYI to keep your eyes out for a DHG bullitt in the area, maybe we can get that one registered, too.
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Was she hot?

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