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DHG Bullitt Thur. Night, Austin - San Antonio

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Thursday night I had to make a trip down to San Antonio. I am very familiar with the trip as far as Austin, so I sped quite a bit on that leg (I even got the guts up to do 140mph on I-35W). When I entered Austin, I slowed down to the limit and hit my cruise control. As I am leaving Austin, I hear this great sounding car come up on me. My first thought was that it was an older muscle car (Stingray) or something. But then it passed me and I caught a glimpse of the Bullitt gas door so I looked for the emblem and sure enough it was a Bullitt. I immediately sped up to follow. We ran all the way to San Antonio between 80-95mph. At times he would step on it and weave in and out of traffic, and I just tried to follow. The car looked great and seemed to handle flawlessly. I don't know who it was, but thanks for the escort.

BTW, Who were you and have you had anything done to your exhaust or do all of our cars sound that cool?
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Yeah, mine has bug guts all over it.
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