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Did I pay too little for my Bullitt?

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Just bought a new Bullitt (DHG with Mach 460) from a local dealer - paid $24,600 (including a $750 rebate and 0.9% financing for 36 months). The dealer sales manager called me this morning and said that the salespeople and business manager had made a mistake and I paid $750 too little for the car and he wanted me to sign new paperwork to correct it. I said no. Should I feel bad and pony up the extra cash?
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No way! If you signed the papers and finalized the deal, I would tell them that you bargained in good faith, and the deal has been completed as far as you are concerned.

And if they press, I would tell them that I will be contacting the Better Business Bureau, local news stations, and your attorney.

That's me though. :smile:

Make D#M* sure you keep your orginal paperwork to check the loan against when you get it.Your GRAIN, THEIR LOST!!!!
Thanks for the advice - I hope he doesn't try to pull a fast one - would really spoil the experience of the car.
I hope i'm wrong! The dealer has 3 days to get you financed i think the dealers is going to write up a new contract.
Mine's the same and I paid $25,000. Tax tag and registration were extra. I see you as $400 better deal than me. I think the dealer is trying to screw you. And attorney could shoot a letter over for a small fee. $750 is a large 'error' for the dealer to make, but a judge might say that the sale price is still reasonable and expected, therefore agreed to in good faith. It's not like they undercharged you $5000. A judge would see that as an obvious blunder and I wouldn't expect to be handed the keys in that case. It's all legal-ese, and irritating. You've got to decide: What will spoil your ownership experience more, knowing that the dealer probably ripped you an extra one, or going through the hassle of holding them to the deal and possibly loosing the ride altogether. If they sell the car to someone else as a fast move, you may not have time to get it back in your possession as the new Bullitt you obviously wanted.

I was real pissed when I struck a deal on another Bullitt and busted my butt getting over to sign the paperwork, only to find that they had sold it to someone else. What I'm sure happened is that my offer was a low ball, so they took it. And at just the right time, someone else walked in and paid them more on the spot. I was fumin'.

Dealers are dealers, whether it's cars, guns, drugs, or whatever. I see them as all the same. Sad reality.
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Welcome to the club...:smile: I paid 24,600 for mine too :grin:!!!
My question is: are the numbers correct with only a mathematical error? In other words, did they just copy the handwritten contract and make a mistake in the addition and subtraction of those numbers? If it is a math error, you have no case. Happened to me. I didn't refuse to pay the correct price, just told them I was seeking advice on the legal aspect of the math error. My lawyer told me I didn't have a case, so we resigned the mathematicaly correct new contract. Now, if they are changing the agreed upon price of the new car (adding $750), or changing the trade in value (taking away $750), you may want to seek legal advice.
Akorna, Did you put any money down?
if so, and you signed the deal then i would
think that its their mistake!!
I've haggled with enough dealers to know that you don't beat them. Just remember its nothing personal, just business..Chalk one up for the consumer and enjoy your bullitt.
i paid 24,300 for mine at sheehy ford in gaithersburg maryland. i am in daytona beach right now and stopped by a dealer down here. they have 2 available (blackm, blue) with a markdown sticker of 24,900. this is the lowest markdown i have seen on one. maybe you could talk them down to 24,000
working at a dealership I am amused that they would bother to contact you,
cost is approx 23,800 to the dealer, they also get holdback, dealer cash etc

guesss what, its their mistake... too bad we don't call customers back and say...oh I am sorry we didn't make enuf money on you.. will u please come back so we can.. too bad work smarter next times
Nice to hear from a dealership viewpoint. I already had the car in my possession before the phone call, tags, registration and all. The "internet manager" said that the rebate was to be deducted from the "internet price" and the "business manager" followed suit when writing up the contract. The salesperson and the floor sales manager did not agree and had written up the price differently. My paperwork shows no mathematical error - just shows the rebate being applied. I financed most of the car (0.9% interest) - so I'll check with Ford credit to see if the sales manager tampered with the contract. Thanks!
down in the dfw area in texas the rebate is 1500 with no low nterest or 750 with low interest

dont let them con you... they cannot do a thing unless you voluntarily allow them to change it and like i said all they want is more money....
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