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Did you know about this?

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By mistake this morning I bumped the drivers side power window button while cleaning. The ignition was on and the window rolled all the way down by itself! I thought it was short circuited, but after testing it over and over I found that it's supposed to do that. Try it. Just quickly tap the down button for the drivers side power window and watch it go all the way down by itself. If I hold it for just a half second or longer it will stop on release. I have not looked this up in my owners manual yet today. I'd rather get some input from you guys. If yours doesn't do that I will not take it back because I like it. By the way it only works on the drivers side in my Bullitt. This could be old news, but I just discovered the two way dome light feature yesterday. DUH for me
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Most new cars do that now. My '99 Windstar does it too. Just one of those little details to make life easier, I guess.
Correct, most power window systems on mid to high level vehicles have that feature. I think it's called the toll booth feature. I wish the drivers side controls activated the passenger side window the same way.
Yeah, I like that feature. :smile:

Another thing worth mentioning is that apparently the computer puts the window/door lock switches in some sort of "fail safe" mode if it thinks there has been a fault.

Several times on my '95 Tbird, my knee would rest on, or bump, the door lock switch such that suddenly the door locks would stip responding. The first time this happened I thought something was wrong, but it "fixed itself" by the next day every time. I have done the same thing once with the driver's side window switch of the Bullitt, just because I fumbled with it a bit while trying to put it up one day. The window stopped responding, and again I thought for sure I had fried something. But a few hours later all was well... Might save someone a trip to the dealer.

I thinks its pretty cool that you can roll the window up after you turn the ignition off. Just as long as you don't open the door. I hate when you turn the car off and forget to roll the window up.
hey fred, i can't roll the window up after i turn the key off before i open the door. is that a feature you can turn on? are you sure the key is in the off position, or just the on position and not started.
My Bullitt doesn't do it either. But my Windstar does.
You know, I read your replies to my statement about the window and thought to my self, "I am not crazy". So I went outside and tried it and yall are right. It is my Taurus's windows that can be rolled up after the ignition is turned off. Must be old tymers starting to creep in. Please forgive my error. "The old gray mare just aint what I use to be"
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