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Here I am at work, surfing the forums and thinking about what I can do to improve my B-Stang and to get a clever badge on the plate.

Well...Looking in the Webster dictionary I looked up Bullitt....isn't there. Looked up Bullet and got the following.

bul·let (blt)n.

A usually metal projectile in the shape of a pointed cylinder or a ball that is expelled from a firearm, especially a rifle or handgun. Such a projectile in a metal casing; a cartridge.

An object resembling a projectile in shape, action, or effect.

Printing. A heavy dot (·) used to highlight a particular passage.

A cannon ball. [Obs.] A ship before Greenwich . . . shot off her ordnance, one piece being charged with a bullet of stone. --Stow.

4. The fetlock of a horse.

Did you catch the last one. Our cars are indirectly named after a horse! (OK..a horse part..but a horse nevertheless!)

OK...I'll get back to work now.:roll:

By the way a Fetlock is a projection on the lower part of the leg of a horse above and behind the hoof. ( a noble part indeed!)

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Nice English lesson this morning 758! Now I can go to work and tell everyone that my car has the same meaning of a horses part. :grin: (But that part has something to do with the speed of the horse, right)!?? :wink:

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