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Digital Tach trick

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OK, I've held you in suspense long enough :smile:

BEFORE you put your key in the ignition, push the odometer reset button in. Hold it in while inserting the key and turn the key until the power comes on (don't turn the engine over). Keep holding the button in until the digital gauge reads "test" then let go. The needles on the speedo and tach will bury themselves and then return to zero. Now turn the key off and then start the car. (Don't take the key out of the ignition.) You can use the reset button to choose your display. It tells you a bunch of other stuff too, and the kid who showed us is supposed to send me a link that explains all the codes. I'll post it when I get it.

This only works while the car is running. You have to re-do it every time you start your car.
Tracy Brown

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I've seen something about that at
Thanks, Rickyboy
No problem. I knew I had read about it somewhere before. When you started teasing us about knowing how to do it but making us wait, I went looking for it :wink:

You know us guys are all about instant gratification :razz:

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