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Dirty Densecharger Filter

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I've had the Desnsecharger on my car since June, 5,500 miles ago. I just took a look at the filter today, ands its completely filthy. It must be choking my engine. I'm now going to get a cleaning kit.

If you are going to the dyno, I recommend cleaning your filter first.
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Just looked at K&N's site for the wraps for the 3530 and 3480 filters. Looks like they don't make it. Not sure if everyone would want to give up 10% air flow. ALthough I have heard they work great here in AZ because when you turn the engine off the dust particles fall away from the filter. That seems like it would be perfect if you have the filter in the down position. I did find these though
They claim only a 2% loss but you have to oil and clean it just like the filter. Does not say how often. And I am sure sliding that filter off would be easier than taking the whole filter off.
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