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Do not dispare Mus408

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I suspect this dyno wasn't set up properly. Make sure to get it done on a dynojet 248 dyno. Make sure that the instruments that measure temp, humidity, pressure are in a logical place. I was told by my friend that a lot of times shops will put the instruments in a cabinet or something and they do not get accurate readings. Dynojet is recognized as the "standard" in the industry that is why Im make this reccomendation. Make sure to run the thing all the to 5800rpm in 4th. Also, it is important the tech knows what he is doing.

I'm positive your car is as strong as everyone's here.

good luck,

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Thanks, I had that puppy at 5900 RPM for all the runs,I just posted the highlites of my runs. I hope it was just the weather or the setup,but who knows? My friend was there also testing his BIG inch Hemi Challenger,we did some carb jetting on it and picked up 20 HP! He was making 470 at the wheels....He thought his was a bit low also. I plan on some more runs at maybe another shop. 222 just won't do!!
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