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Door/Glass issues...Figured out

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Ok so I have had trouble with both my windows. My driver side goes slightly off track once it reaches the top. Pretty sure this is just a window regulator issue. My passenger side door would not close right but the window would go up straight and did go crooked. I never could figure out what was wrong. Today when I was jacking up the Bullitt I noticed that someone previous to my ownership had jacked the car buy the tab where the side skirts meet the floorpan. So once I finished working over the brakes and rotating the tires, I pulled off the side skirts and front pieces. I took a pair of pliers and pulled all the tabs vertical, some were smashed inward and some outward. While I had the side skirt off I thought I would see if the door would close properly. NO. The glass still hit the top part of the car too early. I reattached the side skirt and was glad to see that it no longer scrubs when I close the door. So one problem fixed. I started comparing the doors on both side and then BINGO. I realized that the passenger side glass is about a quarter of an inch towards the front of the car. The glass stayed level but was not in the proper location. In fact, when the window is up you can almost stick your finger in through the weatherstriping. So it looks like I will need to go to a body shop and see if I can have both windows adjusted. If not, I will have to replace the window regulators. Does anyone know if there is any adjustment to these things or are the regulators only working or broken? At least I finally know what went wrong.
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I have the problem with my right side door. TXBLUOVAL knows the fix and I think he has posted it once. I will provide the link if I can find it. I just haven't had time to try and repair it.
Window Problems ... (GRRRRR)


My apologies for not going in to full detail here at this time. I had a long hard day and it's late but I am glad I caught this thread.

I know all too well Yall's aggravation with the window regulators (mostly, the stamped metal scissor assembly).

Let me hit the rack and I'll get back to Yall tomorrow. I do remember explaining it once on here but I don't know where the thread is. No problem; once I get home tomorrow I'll sit down and go in to it again but I have to be up early (going to be a rough week). I'll try to take you through it step-by-step. It really is not that difficult but it's one of those tedious jobs that requires more patience than we are often used to having. :evil:

My advice for right now is ... If you are parked outside and the window wont go up (or fully close) you need to get some sort of car cover that can "breathe" and cover your car to keep moisture, etc., out of the interior (leather can mold and mildew easily). If the window glass has slipped out of the 2 short channels (the factory glue eventually loses it's grip) you are going to have to take a day or two for the new silicon to dry well before you re-assemble what you might have to disassemble.

This is such a common problem I have thought more than once about producing a video of the entire repair and just donate it to IMBOC so folks can download it but I just don't have the time right now (good excuse to get a camera though, right ... ???) :badgrin:

Good night ~ !!! :smile:
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Sounds good. I would be very thankful.
Seconded. This problem is present on #00562 and my wife's 00 GT. Really annoying.

Yes ... I sure am glad you found this. I dont have much computer time this week and I've been thinking about this for the past 2-3 days. Thanks Greg for your assistance.

This is what will fix part of the problem, but going through it all from step #1 to the end is a bit involved.

If Yall will simply PM me your contact numbers I'll be glad to call and explain it all to you. I will keep your numbers confidential.

It will be easier if I did it that way, otherwise I may not be able to sit down and write it all out for the next several days (otherwise I will be more than happy to help in any way afterwards). Sorry for this but it's just bad timing due to a bad week (or two) at work.

If I can get a good video camera, a door assembly (with the glass and all installed) from the boneyard and some PRECIOUS TIME ... I might be able to do a repair video for this sort of thing. It's not that hard to do but is kind of a multi-step procedure.

I hope this helps ... (???)
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I'm going to give you a shout but it will have to be in the evening. Like after 7 if that is ok
fromthecoast said:
I'm going to give you a shout but it will have to be in the evening. Like after 7 if that is ok
Very good. Call me whenever you can and I'll be glad to help you out. Although it's a bit involved, I think if you try it and once you're finished with it you'll be glad you didn't pay anyone else to repair it and you'll know how to do the other door if the need arises.

The number I sent to you via PM is my cell number. As with all cell phones, if I miss your call due to being in a flat spot just leave the message and call-back number and I'll get right to you. We'll get you hooked up for sure.
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