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First, I hope you did not make the same mistake I did.

But, of course, what you need depends on your application.

Are you into show, strip, road race or street performance?

I have a blast at open track days on a road course so I upgraded the brakes on my 04 GT to 2004 Mustang Cobra calipers with Performance Friction pads. THIS WAS A GOOD CHOICE AND I WILL STAY WITH IT. They are light in weight and perform very well.

Open track days require brakes to perform at race level but only for 15 to 20 minutes at a time. So Scott Hoag's advice for the brakes and pads was excellent. He has written in his column (Modified Mustangs) that these two-piston calipers give excellent bang for the buck. There is no fade in 20 minutes of "drivin' it like you stole it". The brakes remain solid and predictable with lots of feedback.

However my mistake was in the rotors. I chose Powerslot Cryo rotors which, like most others as I have learned, are cast in China. I was disappointed in the performance of the rotors which apparently are not really designed for track use.

So, based on recommendations from lotsa guys with lotsa track experience, this winter I am switching to Brembo Sport slotted rotors which are made in Italy. They are truly designed and built for track use. Expensive ... yes. But I would have saved a bunch by selecting them first. (I have been advised to avoid drilled rotors for track use.)

Four piston and six piston calipers? They may be necessary for events that go well beyond 20-minute road track sessions.

They certainly look cool with the opposing piston design and certainly are more advanced but are they necessary for anything we are likely to encounter?

Are they overkill anyone but hard core road racers? What do you think?
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