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Drive cycle (P100/OBD codes)

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Need to clear a few OBD "not ready" sensors. Searched here and didn't find anything. There are multiple Ford drive cycle docs out there. I've been following steps in one, ran through twice now. But, still haven't cleared. Hoping someone can point me to a known working guide. Also, does anyone know if it's possible to force clear the sensors via a specific scanner/similar? I have SCT x4 and the "clear" function doesn't do anything. Thanks.
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How did you run into this issue?

Did you try to use a KAM reset on the tuner as well?
I have a SCT 3 and it clears codes no problem. Maybe speak to a local tuner there should be a way to clear codes with a sct x4
Ran into the problem after flashing back to stock tune. Finally got the codes to clear. Followed the one Ford drive cycle doc. Performed steps 3x plus regular driving. Thanks.
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