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Hi Guys,

It's time to start planning our next meeting or cruise.
At the end of the last one, we were talking about cruising down the coast. I assume that means Hwy 1.

We have a lot of new people on the board even since Feb. 9th, so we should be able to get even MORE folks to show up. (Maybe break our own record of 12 Bullitts in one place at one time!!-WAY COOL)

At this point, I have NO IDEA what to plan.

Can you guys come up with some suggestions?

I will do all the e-mailing, and reservations or whatever is necessary...but just like last time, I'll need help with the ideas.

ALSO....did anyone else notice MILES from Mustang Monthly mention that if a get together was planned in SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA, we should notify him? Maybe if we cruised far enough, we could get him to show up with editors or cameras or whatever??!??!??

Okay...ready for all of your wonderful suggestions to start showing up here!!!

Have a Great Day!!!

I am REPEATING this post in Bullitthead Chat, so that we reach the widest audience possible.


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Thanks Treva for bringing this up!

The weather's been kinda sh*tty lately, so cruising has not been in the for front of my mind. But, you're right, we need to plan now, for the weather will only improve.

I have few thoughts for a destination:

1. Yosemite - in the next month or two, the wild flowers will be blooming, and the drive to Yosemite will be gorgeous. Being an internationally known site of beauty, a Bullit cruise to Yosemite ought to attract a larger group, however it may need to be planned 4 to 8 weeks in advance, as this would be an over night trip. Now is a good time to plan such an event.

2. The Wine Country - Like the trip to Yosemite, this would be an overnight trip. We could plan to visit a few wineries, spend the night, and visit a few wineries on the way back home. We could do Somona on day 1, then Napa on day 2. If we limit the number of wineries, then we maximize the driving - and vice versa. We can even throw in mud baths and messages, time permitting of course...

3. Half Moon bay to Pescadero - This is a day trip. We could meet near Crystal Springs Reservoir, cruise over 92 to Half Moon Bay. Then meet more Bullitts and cruise to Pesacadero, where there's a great little restaurant called Duarte's. Then from there, folks can cruise either home, or down to Santa Cruz, or up and over to La Honda.

4. Santa Cruz to Carmel via the 17th Mile Drive - This is also a day trip, but a bit longer that #3 above.

5. Pt Reyes - This is a day trip, where we meet in San Rafael, then cruise to the point, have lunch at Drake's Bay Beach, then cruise home.

6. Bay Area to Blue Canyon - Well, let's see what Brad has to say about this option...

Well, there's some ideas...

Have fun,
Randy R...

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Thanks for your reply and all of your ideas Randy.

The moderators obviously moved this one OUT of Bullitthead we need to NOT reply to this one anymore. I don't want to confuse people.
I was planning on checking them both all the time and combine the ideas, etc...but they must not have liked that idea.

I hope you'll check under Western for my reply (or else you won't see this!!!, hmmm?)
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