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Dyno Day Coming soon ( Dallas Area )

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Guys/ Gals I am working with another friend to get a Dyno Day for Us and any one else that would like to join. The place we are thinking about is a place in Garland called Rotary Performance. This place does only Rear Wheel drive cars, we will get three pulls for around $45 - $55. I would like to get around 6-8 people or more. I have 4 confirmed. My Bullitt, Z28 Camaro, Mazda Miata, 2000 GT and possible a 94 Corvette. If any is interested let me know. I will post the day when I get more detail. I am thinking around January, December is a little busy for everyone.



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I'm up- depends on the weekend. Jan 26/27 I'll be at the track.
JayP, I won't pick that weekend so you can come.
I'm all for it! Let us know the dates.
I'm all up for it! Just tell when and what time...
Can you sign up a friend of mine on a 94 GT with a ProCharger?

I estimate 550 at the rear on his brand new engine.

Let us know.
Max Cruz

Sure that won't be a problem. Personally I would love to see that car :grin:

The more the better.

Still working on a date :smile:
just let me know when... had my first bullitt dynoed at dallas mustang when it was brand new. I have done some minor mods to my new one and would like to see what those mods were worth. I am learning that horsepower is very expensive!!!!
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