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East Side shows or cruise

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:tb01: If you guys hear of any events over on the East side of Washington State this year let me know. I own 01 Bullitt TB 1547 and looking to get her out for a cruise and see some other peoples cars.

Spokane, Wa
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Vance, you have a PM. Our local club here - IEMC - puts on a local Mustang show in Millwood park on the grass in July. We are holding the International Mustang Meet here in Spokane this year. Last time we had it here was about 20 years ago and was held at Riverfront Park. This year it is being held at the Northern Quest Casino. It is a big one!

Our club does lots of cruises during the spring/summer/fall months. Come to a meeting on the first Tuesday of each month. Membership is $25 a year. The meetings are held at Prospector's Bar and Grill at 12611 N. Highway 395.

Here is this month's newsletter:
PHX3622 said:
I know this is an old thread, but you guys have me home sick. I used to live in Deer Park. I live down in Arizona now and miss home.

Do they still have the drag track open to the public over by Northern Quest?
Yup, drag racing for the public is open every weekend!
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