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I am a fan of the centrifical. I like the fact that if you don't want to drive aggressive you can keep it under 3500rpm's and the car remains very mannerly. Spool it up and WHHHEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!

As for your weight concerns.... I wouldn't. As some have already mentioned the weight is less than 100#'s for a complete kit. The added hp/tq will easily compensate for the weight.

Lastly, depending on how agressive you want to be there is one common denominator. Supercharging a non forged motor becomes when will it let go as opposed to if. If you're happy making 350-400rwhp you should be happy for a long time as long as you're not riding the rev limiter for hours on end. If you want to get into the danger zone 500+rwhp you're going to have fun, You'll kick a lot of booty on the roads oops, track but one mistake i.e. bad fuel, detonation, over revving, missed shift... and KABOOM!!!!!

Not trying to scare you but in a nutshell there it is.

As you can see from my sig pic I chose the nice safe tune ;) :rotfl:
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