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Eliminating Tri-Ax Shifter noise

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I have been considering installing the Tri-Ax in my Bullitt, so I've been doing some research. This guy has a great web site for his Bullitt. I don't know that he is on the bullittclub registry or not. Any way, goto this site:

and click on "Tri-Ax Shifter Instalation"

There are alot of pictures of various stages of instalation and at the end he briefly describes how he eliminated the shifter noise problem.

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Yeah, he is a member (Mid Life Crisis #388) I have also commented in a previous post about his site. It’s a good one.
And the mod that he did, putting a piece of rubber between the shifter and handle works real well, did it on mine.
Just got my Tri-ax installed last weekend. I don't find the little bit of gear whine in the lower gears all that objectionable.
Yeah, some people mind, some don't, I'm glad to hear you like it.
Nice site, MidLife!

I only drove my car for another week after having the tri-ax installed. Then it went into storage. I have no complaints.
Wow!! Awesome website! I'm very impressed. Found a bunch of info that I didn't know about before. On the Densecharger photos, where is the filter located now? Do you have pics of it's new location?
Actually, the site is not mone, and the guy who runs it has not posted anything on this topic. On the Denscharger, the filter is located in the fender for the coldest air possible. The Denscharger also allows you to adjust the exact posistion of the filter for maximum horsepower.
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