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Email I got from John De Molet (

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Here are two emails I recieved from John, I emailed him back to make sure it was ok to post them. This is what I call true customer service and care.

Travis, I sent the new full 5.0 system out
yesterday. I gave credit back for the restock and included the Tb pipe at no charge. I've only made a few of these so let me know if there is any adjustment
necessary. I added some extra length to the meter pipe which will allow more flexability. The TB pipe will touch the inner fender but shouldn't cause any
restriction. Thanks for all the business and let me know how he likes it.

John De Molet

Travis, don't mention it. I've learned after 22 years in business that if you truly take care of your customers first, you won't have to worry about profit! Don't forget to tell him to call me if there is any fitment questions as there are only 3 of these in
service so far. That's fine to post the email. Thanks!
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Yes John is truely the man
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