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I know that Chris Theodore, former Ford-Chrysler-Ford executive is now the CEO of Saleen. His last assignment at Ford was as the VP which oversaw the design and construction of the Ford GT.

I think over the years, Ford helped them financially (key supplier for the Ford GT), but now with Ford's troubles, they are left on their own.

Saleen Automotive is the latest American carmaker to announce that it is seeking a potential buyer, with management acknowledging the firm has suffered financially from the economic downturn and rising fuel prices.

Saleen is a specialty vehicle manufacturer and a long-time tuner Ford tuner, and most recently unveiled its own concept vehicle, the Raptor S5S. The company has close links with both Chrysler and Ford, and is responsible for part of the assembly of some of the Detroit carmaker’s limited production vehicles.

According to Automotive News, Saleen’s board has set a tentative timetable to receive preliminary indications of interest from prospective parties over the next two months and plans on finalizing a transaction early next year. In 2004 controlling interest was sold to investment group Hancock Park Associates in an effort to raise capital, however there were reportedly a number of major conflicts within the company, mostly between the Saleen family and the new management board.

The company has faced a number of hurdles since then, having lost its founder Steve Saleen last year and CEO Paul Wilbur in August of this year. September saw additional departures of many senior officials and a freeze on production of many major product lines. Saleen has also started selling its office and factory equipment in a clearinghouse style auction, with more than 20 brand new 2008 Mustang GTs, tools, cabinets, office equipment, and factory machinery all going under the hammer recently.
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