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Hello My name is Brian proud new owner of Bullitt 2148 I was wanting to put on a couple of more aggressive sounding mufflers nothing crazy just a little more growl. I was wondering if the exhaust on these cars are 2 1/4 or 2 1/2? I am just wanting to do the mufflers. I had Pypes M80 on my 04Mach 1 and liked the deeper tone. Please let me know if anyone has a muffler set up they like. Thanks much for any input. Brian
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Ford FR500S mufflers are the best muffler for the Bullitt but rare as hen's teeth now since they're out of production. I've had them on both my '08 Bullitts and my '09 GT500. Solid, bassy sound, no drone, quiet when you're off throttle, thunderous when you punch it, just as an exhaust should be. You might inquire if anyone has a set in the garage they're no longer using. I've picked up a couple sets that way. You won't find any in stock on any of the moto-store web sites.
Good luck!
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