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Mystang99 and BULLITT680: At the muffler shop instead of lengthening the short one they cut the long one at the muffler and re-welded it at the muffler, therefore they didn't have to mess with the aluminum tips or connectors at all. Took all of about 15 minutes.

As for the instrument cluster: They are replacing the whole unit as there were mega scratches on the plastic cover and it is all one unit. They can't just replace the plastic. We got the OK from Ford to do that today.

Has anyone else noticed that at the Cpillar where it meets the door, where the 2 pieces meet, there is a gap on one side where part of the bolt shows? That was on Bullitte's right side (right side again)!!!! The left side you can't see the bolt. What in the hell was that right assembly line man doing when my car went down there anyways!!!! Or what was he smokin?!

Nasty Bob: You better look REAL carefully at all of your car. Look at your exhaust tips again. Hubby saw your pic from the rear view and it looks like (from the pic) that the right side doesn't stick out as far as the left side like ours did. Not sure.
Stand close up to your rear bumper and look down. See if the right side sticks out as far as the left side does. Easier to tell that way.

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