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Hey, did you catch this?

The Bullitt Manual says the computer knows how to automatically shut down select cylinders to protect engine from an over-heating event. Pretty cool!

Seems to me a 'tuner' could also program the appropriate 4 cylinders to be shut down for maximum mileage but maintain smooth operation. Heck its already built in whereas other companies are touting their 'extra feature'.

What you should know about fail-safe cooling (4.6L V8 engine only)

If the engine coolant supply is depleted, this feature allows the vehicle to
be driven temporarily before incremental component damage is incurred.
The “fail-safe” distance depends on ambient temperatures, vehicle load
and terrain.
How fail-safe cooling works
If the engine begins to overheat:
• The engine coolant temperature
gauge will move to the red (hot)
• The “engine coolant temperature”
indicator will illuminate.
• The Service engine soon indicator light will illuminate.

If the engine reaches a preset over-temperature condition, the engine
will automatically switch to alternating cylinder operation. Each disabled
cylinder acts as an air pump
and cools the engine.

When this occurs the vehicle will still operate. However:
• The engine power will be limited.
• The air conditioning system will be disabled.
Continued operation will increase the engine temperature:
• The engine will completely shut down.
• Steering and braking effort will increase.
Once the engine temperature cools, the engine can be re-started. Take
your vehicle to an authorized dealer as soon as possible to minimize
engine damage.
When fail-safe mode is activated
You have limited engine power when in the fail-safe mode, so drive the
vehicle with caution. The vehicle will not be able to maintain high speed
operation and the engine will run rough. Remember that the engine is
capable of completely shutting down automatically to prevent engine
damage, therefore:
1. Pull off the road as soon as safely possible and turn off the engine.
2. Arrange for the vehicle to be taken to an authorized dealer.
3. If this is not possible, wait a short period for the engine to cool.
2008 05+ Mustang (197)
Owners Guide (post-2002-fmt)
USA (fus)
Maintenance and Specifications
P. 253
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Good information. Just another reason to read my owners manual.:smile:
They have been doing that since the 2005 came out. When I read it back then I thought that it was odd that they didn't offer the cylinder shut down for fuel savings. Of course I think the 28 mpg I got out of my recent road trip was pretty darn good.
Interesting!How in the world did you find that?You didn't find this during a nature call did you?
badasbullitt said:
Interesting!How in the world did you find that?You didn't find this during a nature call did you?
:lol: :redface: :exclaim:

Funny! Actually I was reading the green filter thread and their site said paper elements were supposed to be replaced every 5k miles. So I was paging thru the Bullitt manual to see how often Ford says to change the filter. Never did find that page but I think its been posted here every 15k.

OK, got to get back to the reading room! :lol:
They've been doing this since at least 2003 on Panther platform cars.
Pretty cool feature,Get it,Cool.Ok not so funny.:lol: The Northstar Caddy used that as an advertising feature when they first came out.As far as i knew it was still the only car made in America capable of that.Good info!back to the library and get us some more interesting tidbits.:lol:
my 2000 CVPI has it
GM has been doing it since the early 90's on the Northstar.
Sucking cool air inside select cylinders sure beats the old fashioned way of using the 'reserve radiator' - turn the heater on high! :lol:
cdynaco said:
Sucking cool air inside select cylinders sure beats the old fashioned way of using the 'reserve radiator' - turn the heater on high! :lol:
That brings back bad memories.:mad: A friend of mine had a 340 Duster that liked to run a little warm on hot days.I was riding with him and suddenly he turns on the heat full blast on a 90 deg day,I'm thinking WTF!!!!!!!!!I got out on the next corner and caught a ride with someone else.i think it had to be about 120 degrees in the car even with the windows down:lol:
Ford's Triton V8's have had fail-safe cooling for about 10 years now. Started in the F-series trucks (4.6's and 5.4's), then expanded to the Triton V10's and migrated to other platforms that use the Triton motors over the past few years. Now that we have all aluminum engines, fail-safe cooling is especially "convenient."
Jimmy Ray said:
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OK, so now that you know you can go over the camera, lets see a burnout form an ant's perspective :) :D
PX said:
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Collin, could you move over about 3 feet to the right and try it again? :idea: :idea: :idea: :arrow: :arrow: :arrow: :lol:
I just read the owner's manual cover to cover while flying from Texas to 'Back East'. Lots of good info in there. Including activating additional keys and disabling your seatbelt chime. You can get it to do anything up to playing the National Anthem.
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