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Hey Gang,
Well, it's both a sad and happy day at the Brauer household. The sad part is having to sell my DHG Bullitt #993, but the happy part is getting to buy a nice house.

So, the vehicle that appeared in my column at ( ) is up for grabs. It has 1,900 miles on it and is, of course, in mint condition (always garaged and never in rain).

My loss is your gain in that I've got a TON of extras. These include:
A FORD OEM fitted Mustang car cover
Two Los Angeles Auto Show Press kits for the car including one chrome Norwood Bullitt keychain with the red light
A set of metal Revell Bullitt Mustang and Charger vehicles in the 1:24 and 1:64 scale (four total), still in their box
Several magazines with Bullitt articles
Two posters still in the shipping tube, and one mounted under glass with a dark green metal frame (very cool looking!)
One extra OEM brushed aluminum fuel cap (I was afraid of it being stolen)
One extra OEM brushed aluminum shifter (I just thought this piece was really cool and wanted another one)
And, last but not least, if you buy it and live in California, you can keep the personalized license plate that says "NU BULIT" (you can see this at the link above in the first photo)

So, you're not just buying a Bullitt, you're buying the entire Bullitt Mustang experience.

All for the low-low price of $24,500.

I know, that price is low, but I got a pretty good deal on it last May due to a factory rebate at the time, so I'm not losing too much money (plus, the fun of owning it for the last 8 months easily makes up for my financial loss). Also, I have a 2.9% loan on it through Ford, so if you want to just pay me $9,000 and assume my monthly payments of $600 (it was a three-year loan, and you'd have to get approved for that rate), you could get into it for a lot less than $24,500.

I know many of the above items go for crazy prices on Ebay, but I can bring myself to sell things that way. Since I know the new owner will appreciate them a lot more than a former owner who is only going to get depressed by looking at them, they are all part of the package.

Anyway, if you or someone you know wants to immerse themself in the Bullitt experience (like I have for the last year), please call me at 213/448-4483. This is my wife's cell and it is often turned off, but we check the voice mail everyday, so please leave a message if no one answers.

Time is a factor here, thus the low price.

Thanks for reading through all this. I hope I can still stop by and read all these great posts even after I'm Bullitt-less.

Karl Brauer
Proud (but forlorn) Bullit fan.

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I am sorry to hear about you selling the
Bullitt. That is an awesome package you
have for sale! I sure hope it goes to some-
one who will appreciate it. The price is
incredible for all that!

Take care and congrats on the new house! :smile:


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Sorry you have to sell your Bullitt Karl. :sad:
But since the Bullit isn't a motorhome I understand. I had to sell my 94 Goldwing when I bought my house three years ago. I'll get another and hopefully you'll come across another Bullitt. You are always welcome to share your thoughts here anytime.
Good luck with the house! :smile:
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