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FAQ for mods, sticker, etc...

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Hey gang do you think it would be feasable to make a FAQ or link to threads dealing with common problems/mod's for easy reference. For example the ink on sticker issue, LT headers, Cold air kits? I think this would add alot to our already great forum. Any takers?
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It’s a good idea, but until one can be made, here is pretty good one.

Bullitt1048 DHG

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You can use the search function. It seems to work quite well.

This might have better been posted in the "Suggestion Box" Forum...
Good FAQ but there are some errors.

There is no glove box light, where is it?
Not for you unless you live in Canda.
***This is incorrect. No Mustangs for 2001 have a glovebox light.

Are the Bullitts different that went to Canada?
Yes, their vanity mirrors and glove box have lights, engine block heaters and daylight running lamps. (Norther Bullitts also came
with block heaters)
****Again the glovebox light info is incorrect.

How much does the Bullitt weight?
Variying reports but most thave have been weighed are around 3200 lb.
****Actual Bullitt weight is right around 3370 pounds with all fluids full.
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Thanks Mr T!

Mr T. Happy New Year,thanks again for all the correct information on the many myths that are floating around.You are definately our "resident man in the know". Keep up the fine job of keeping us informed.As small as the glove box is Im happy without a light,as a matter of fact Im happy with the whole package.Cheers to the Dearborn assy crew.
Thanks for the nice words. The DAP crew really enjoyed building the Bullitt. As for the glove box light, I would like to see it stage a come back.
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