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Earlier this week when I was talking with a co-worker about my Bullitt's et's he commented that a friend of his has a supercharged Talon that runs low 10's/high 9's. I told him he was full of it; no way a stock Talon with just a supercharger was running those kind of times. Anyway, we got into a discussion about FWD vs. RWD & he then proceeded to tell me he's heard of a Civic that runs 9.0's on nitrous. Bull! I know there's a guy who professionally drags a Civic that has dipped into the 9's, but just barely. Can anyone back me up on this? What's the fastest FWD car anyone on this forum has heard or seen at the track?

I'm posting this on all the forums I participate in 'cause I HATE benchracers who blatantly lie & I want to nail this guy with some facts.
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