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Thanks to all who displayed their cars- the response to the display was very positive.

BTW, thank Paul for these great photos.

I think most of you got an award so I hope it is a great item to add to your Bullitt memory collection.

The show was a “ home run “ for the club but there are lots of improvements to be discussed- parking, vender location, tweeking the judging , etc

If you have any comments on any aspect of the show where you think we need improvement please email me

I’m especially pleased to see how the newer owners fit in – Charlie, Wayne and Joe from the Villages

Too bad Rick Traekner and Dave from Ormond beach couldn’t make it with their cars

My “ new “ ’08 netted 0 deductions. [ Got 1 point deduction for a paint scratch that was offset for a +1 for the extinguisher]

Should have been good for “ Top 3 in Class” trophy but… there were 8 cars tied for that honor in the Occasional Driver class.

Took four judges over 40 minutes to separate the top three.

Very difficult process but the Bullitts lack the “bling” [ except for Charlie’s ] so this is where presentation, mods , etc come into play.

I’m thrilled just knowing how well the car stood up to the scrutiny but that may be the last time it is that good.
Got to” Drive hard and put away wet “ from here on out.

Again, thanks for participating .

We’ll have another event shortly .
41 - 42 of 42 Posts
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