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As most well know in here that hubby and I are 1 of 300 very lucky owners of a Cobra R. We live in a not so small town of about 175,000 and low and behold, there is a 2nd 2000 Cobra R making it's residency here in Spokane! He belongs to our Mustang Club also but he is a collector of cars (has 15) and one of them is the R, so it is NEVER driven or showed. It is in the 7,000 sq ft shop with 2 Vipers, 2 Prowlers, a 70 Boss 429 a Vette, and several others. He said it is too much trouble moving cars around to get to the one that he wants to drive for that day! Can you imagine! He owns a dealership here. We, on the other hand, are driving our collector cars to the max! Who are we saving them for? Our 2 sons that wouldn't take care of them anyway or the daughter who could give a hoot? NOT!!! :grin:
1 - 1 of 27 Posts
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