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Fewest Miles?

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When checking the voting booth I noticed
2% had voted in the 0-100 mile category.
Of course they may have many more miles now.
So let's see who has the fewest miles now.

DHG 3875 has 495 miles.
Purchased 29AUG01

I also saw that 3% had their Bullitt wrapped
in plastic in another poll, so these
Bullittheads probably have real low miles.
DHG #3875
BULLITT chase scene recreated on rear dash
with Revell 1/25 scale 68 GT 390 Fastback and
68 Charger R/T metal body models. Unfortunately
the hub caps don't come off the Charger.

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does 23,000 miles qualify as low??
Her birthday is coming up next week too and will end up with over 24,000 for the year...
and I've LOVED every mile!!!

My problem is walking out every morning...86 F350...Bullitt...F350...Bullitt....c'mon, get real!! :lol: VROOOOOMMM off to work I go!

maybe I'll slow down in year 2....(my son says I have to save her for him...he'll be 16 in 2006...NOT!)

Collin...have you even changed the oil yet???
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